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Why We Bounce

Trampolines are great for everyone of any fitness level. They offer immediate success with opportunities for endless new challenges. And they are incredibly fun.

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    Improved sense of balance

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    Visual and body control development

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    Low impact exercise

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    Brain training for bilaterral function

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    Body rhythm

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    Stronger bones

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    Cardiovascular fitness

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    Increased lymphatic circulation

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    Increased metabolism

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    Great cross-training for any sport


First Time Bouncers

Before You Visit

1. Register as a trampoline club athlete

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    Choose your age group, youth is under 20

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    IMPORTANT – Check YES, you are a part of a sports club

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    IMPORTANT – Input club code WYW3Y6

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    Youth membership is $14/yr, adult $24/yr

* If you need to, you can reach AAU at 407.934.7200

AAU Explanation

2. Sign the waivers at the front desk

* The downloadable waivers are here for your reference. Signing at Snowcreek’s front desk is all you need to do.

3. Attend Orientation

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    We require every athlete to complete a First Time Bouncer Orientation regardless of previous trampoline experience. This is a quick review of the facility rules as well as some trampoline basics.

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    Orientation costs $5 in addition to a purchase of a class or open bounce. This is a one-time only fee.

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    Orientations are offered hourly

AAU stands for the Amateur Athletic Union, with whom the MTC is registered as a trampoline training facility. The AAU requires that anyone using our facility be registered as a Trampoline Club Athlete. AAU membership is an annual membership that must be renewed yearly, every August 31.

Before You Flip

To be cleared to flip, you must take the Bail Out Class and pass the Bail Out Checklist.

Though back flips & front flips may seem to be easy tricks, should an athlete get lost in the air, the impact on the body is intense and the consequences are very higher. By taking the time to develop air awareness and a strong body that is familiar with the impact of a trampoline, athletes greatly reduce the chance of injury. It is in the best interest of the athlete that the fundamental trampoline drops be learned and practiced before attempting higher consequence skills, such as flips. In order to keep our doors open, the Mammoth Trampoline Club wants to ensure that everyone can advance their skills with safety.

We require that the athlete have a proficient backdrop and demonstrate a mastery of all of the skills on the Bail Out Checklist to be able to pass the Bail Out Class. Backdrops require a significant amount of core and neck strength, and if the athlete should get lost in a rotation, this is primarily the position in which they will land on the trampoline. It takes time for core and neck muscles to develop and be able to cope with the impact. You must therefore demonstrate that you can complete the checklist with consistency and full control.

As much as this sounds mundane, our regulars will gladly confirm that learning the mandatory bail out skills levels up everybody’s trampoline game. Bail out skills serve as a rock solid foundation that will make you have more fun and learn new steezy tricks much, much quicker.

360’S Left & Right
Athlete must be able to jump and twist 360’s degrees of rotation, also known as a full twist. They must be able to do this to the right and the left.
SEAT DROP 180 TO FEET Left & Right
Athlete must be able to perform a seat drop and as they come up to their feet, spin 180 degrees before they touch the trampoline again. This is also known as a half twist. The athlete must perform this skill to the right and left
SWIVEL HIPS Left & Right
Athlete will perform a seat drop, thrust their arms and hips upwards, look over their shoulder to rotate and land in another seat drop without putting their feet down. Must be performed both directions.
BACK DROP 180 TO FEET Left & Right
Athlete’s will perform a backdrop and as they come up from the drop, twist their hips 180’s degree before they land back on their feet. They will be required to be able to twist to the right and left.
BACKDROP PULLOVER: Feet, Table and Stomach
The athlete will perform a back drop with their feet pointed more towards their head.They will then allow the momentum of the bounce and the position of their feet to pull their feet over their head, landing on their feet for the first drill. The second drill lands in table drop and the third lands in a stomach drop. This skill demonstrates the ability to show control of the momentum of a flip.

The athlete must perform a backflip without a spotter 10 times. Then 3 more that are landed with a stop bounce. The backflip must demonstrate skill and control, not a flip that relies on whipping the head back for momentum to finish the rotation. The flip must be initiated from the lower body. Athlete must demonstrate enough skill and confidence that the MTC Coach believes they can land a flip on the quicker trampolines located on the Chilly Bin without assistance.


This is essentially a front roll or a ground front somersault on the trampoline. They will jump into a table drop and roll forward on to their back and up onto their feet. Next they will perform the trick shown which simply skips the backdrop.

The athlete will start by performing flips from the trampoline onto a pad with a spot by the coach.
Athlete must be able to perform a backdrop with a 180 out that leads straight into another backdrop without placing their feet on the trampoline in between the skills. This trick must be performed to the right and the left.
180 TO STOMACH DROP Left & Right
The athlete will bounce and look over their shoulder to fall into a stomach drop. This is the first step in the 360 airplane progression.
360 AIRPLANE Left & Right

This trick is combined with the 180 to stomach drop skill from before. Athlete will begin the move by acting as though they are moving into a stomach drop. However, instead of landing on the stomach, the athlete will pull their arms into a twist and land on their back instead. Skill will be performed to the right and the left.

360 LOG ROLL Left & Right
This skill is performed with the body staying parallel to the trampoline as it twists. The athlete will perform the backdrop and then drive their hips and feet up into the air as they look over their shoulder and pull into a full twist landing in a backdrop again. It is simply the backdrop 180 to stomach drop 180 to back drop without the stomach drop in the middle of the skill. This skill must be performed to the right and the left.

Open Bounce & Evening Sessions

Classes & Programs

Open Bounce & Evening Sessions


Trampoline Classes

Open Bounce & Evening Sessions

During open bounce and evening sessions, everyone is welcome to come and enjoy bouncing. There is no formal class in progress, but a skilled coach is present at all times and happy to point you in the right direction.

Pre Bail Out, Bail Out & Custom Classes

Everyone who wants to flip at our Trampoline Club needs to pass our unique Bail Out Checklist. This gives you a solid foundation that will keep you safe, make you understand bouncing better and enjoy yourself more, and help you learn new tricks quicker.

Pre Bail Out is there for you if you need to work your way up to the Bail Out Checklist.

Do you want to practice wall tricks, tricks specific to freestyle snowboarding or skiing, or something else? We have you covered. Bail out sessions are there for you to get full, one-on-one attention, and you are welcome to communicate a special request to any of our amazingly great coaches.

Bitty Bouncers

Every Sunday 4 to 5pm, we have a special class for young athletes between the ages of 3 and 6 – so they too can enjoy trampolines safely.

Creative Bounce

This class is focused on becoming creative in order to develop confidence and style. Participants will work on combining and linking tricks as well as learning new bed tricks.

Ski & Snowboard Progression

This class is focused on freestyle trick development for skiers and snowboarders. Participants will learn to set tricks both on and off axis, with the hopes of progressing on snow ability.

The Wall

This class will utilize the trampoline wall and pads to learn a variety of new wall tricks and spins. A strong backdrop is recommended for this class.


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    Mono County Unified Special

    Mo/We/Fr, 3pm-5pm. 2 Hour Open Bounce for $15. Show local student ID.

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    Visiting Sports Teams

    Will trampolines be a good complement to your team’s training? We can arrange specialized programs to meet your needs. Contact




mammoth trampolines spring summer 2018 schedule




Evening Summer Bounce Pass


May 1 - Oct 31, 2018
  • Progress on your skills even while the snow is gone
  • Full 6 months of daily bouncing
  • Unlimited access to all evening sessions
  • No refunds

Open Bounce


First Hour
  • Any additional hour $10
  • Includes afternoon & evening sessions
  • Group of 5 or more gets $5 off per person
  • Supervised free bounce, coaching available upon request

Evening Session


2 hours. 1 hour for $10.
  • Open bounce sessions
  • Any day after 7pm
  • Ages 7+

Bitty Bouncers


1 Hour
  • Tuesday &
    Sunday 4pm
  • Special class for young athletes ages 3 to 6
  • Age-appropriate tricks,
    games and progressions while staying safe!



30 Consecutive Days
  • Perfect for your extended stay in Mammoth
  • Unlimited access to all classes, open bounce and evening sessions
  • Be on time to attend classes


After School


  • 20% off for Snowcreek members
  • Unlimited access to all weekday open bounce sessions
  • Requires a 3-month commitment with a 35 day cancelation policy

Bronze Evening


  • 20% off for Snowcreek members
  • Unlimited access to Evening Sessions
  • Requires a 3-month commitment with a 35 day cancelation policy

Silver Progression


  • 20% off for SnowCreek Members
  • Access to all open bounce and classes
  • Requires a 3-month commitment with a 35 day cancelation policy



kain wilmot trampoline coach

Kain Wilmot

My name is Kain Wilmot and I have lived in the Eastern Sierras for a greater portion of my life. I grew up skiing with the Mammoth Freeski Team, and learning tricks on a trampoline has greatly progressed my tricks on snow. Trampolines have not only helped me progress on snow, but they have kept me active, and gave me a safe way to learn new tricks. I am very happy of be part of the Mammoth Trampoline Club, and excited to teach anyone who wants to come bounce.
nick miles mammoth trampoline coach

Nick Miles

Hobbies: Skiing, Snomobiling, Skateboarding, Basketball, Golf, Dirtbiking, Fitness

I started skiing when I was 2 at Mt. Snow, VT and it has always been my favorite thing to do. I started competing in Moguls, Aerials, and even Ballet before it died when I was 10 and eventually started skiing in the park as I got older. I continued competing all through high school and after graduation moved straight to Mammoth. As many others have, I fell in love with what the mountains have to offer in all seasons and have made Mammoth my home.

Rebecca Davison trampoline coach

Rebecca Davison

Hi I’m Rebecca!

I grew up cheerleading and continued to do so through college at Fordham University in NY where I graduated with a degree in Entrepreneurship. After college I moved out to Mammoth Lakes and have loved it ever since. I did 5 back to back winters between Mammoth, New Zealand, and Australia, and then moved to Tahoe for a year and had a great time working at Woodward Tahoe. In addition to working here at Mammoth Trampoline Club, I also work for ski school at Mammoth Mountain. We are so lucky to have a great facility like the MTC here, and I truly love working here. Come progress towards those tricks you want to try on snow, or just bounce around for a great workout!

Brandon Enouf trampoline coach

Brandon Enouf

I grew up skiing on the East Coast. Which consisted of ice, rain, and chunky stuff. Out of high school I spent multiple seasons in Colorado, Hawaii, and Tahoe. The last few years I was a Freeski/Trampoline coach at Woodward Tahoe. I recently moved to Mammoth Lakes for multiple coaching jobs and I couldn’t be happier to be here.
cliff herath mammoth trampoline coach

Cliff Herath

My name is Clifford Herath and I really enjoy trampolines. In my teens I used trampolines to train for freestyle skiing. Over time I realized that trampoline training was increasing my awareness and confidence in all of the sports I love. From mountain biking to slalom skiing, rock climbing or kayaking, moving one’s body with intention is crucial. I have been ski instructing on and off since I was 14. At 19 I started learning from many skilled teachers and coaches at the Adventure Sports Institute. Upon completion At ASI, I worked three seasons as a river guide/photo kayaker enjoying class 5 with the public. Teaching is my favorite form of learning and trampolines offer a unique opportunity to teach body awareness related to any sport.
Ryan McIntire trampoline coach

Ryan McIntire

Ryan McIntire is a trampoline coach and entrepreneur. He has been coaching since 2005. He is an EMT first responder and a CFII Helicopter pilot. Ryan grew up skiing in Sun Valley, ID, but now lives in Mammoth Lakes, CA full time.

Groups, Birthdays, Special Programs


Come Party with Us!

Birthday parties / corporate events

Trampolines are great for team building or a birthday party.

3 Hour block, includes 2 hours of bouncing in a private room with a coach, and 1 hour of party space rental. Up to 10 people.

$300 + cost of AAU for each participant

Group Visits

Group Discounts

Any group of 5 or more gets $5 off per person.

Group Discounts

We can arrange specialized programming to meet your athletes’ needs.

Private Coaching

Private Coaching Session

Want to get a certain trick dialed? Book a private session with one of our coaches! Private sessions can have up to 5 participants.
1 hour: $100
2 hours: $150
Additional person: $10/hour

Email to Book

Email Rebecca Davison, the manager, at

Call us

Call the front desk at 760.934.5811


For all special programming, every trampoline participant must purchase AAU and sign waivers before bouncing. All participants must complete a Trampoline Orientation with the coach prior to bouncing. More in the 1st Time section above.

Reservations are dependent on staffing and must be booked at least 1 week in advance.


Contact & Directions


Reach the front desk at: 760.934.8511


Email the manager at:


We’re open 3-9pm on weekdays and 11am-7pm on weekends.