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Why We Bounce

Trampolines are great for everyone of any fitness level. They offer immediate success with opportunities for endless new challenges. And they are incredibly fun!

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  • Improved sense of balance

  • Visual and body control development

  • Low impact exercise

  • Brain training for bilaterral function

  • Body rhythm

  • Stronger bones

  • Cardiovascular fitness

  • Increased lymphatic circulation

  • Increased metabolism

  • Great cross-training for any sport


First Time Bouncers

Before You Visit

1. Register as a trampoline club athlete

  • Choose your age group, youth is under 20

  • IMPORTANT – Check YES, you are a part of a sports club

  • IMPORTANT – Input club code WY6AAT

  • Youth membership is $14/yr, adult $24/yr

* If you need to, you can reach AAU at 407.934.7200

AAU Explanation

2. Sign the waivers at the front desk, or print and bring it with you

* The downloadable waiver is here for your reference. Signing at Snowcreek’s front desk is all you need to do.

3. Attend Orientation

  • We require every athlete to complete a First Time Bouncer Orientation regardless of previous trampoline experience. This is a quick review of the facility rules as well as some trampoline basics.

Before You Flip

To be cleared to flip, you must take the Bail Out Class and pass the Bail Out Checklist.

BACKDROP PULLOVER: Feet, Table and Stomach
The athlete will perform a back drop with their feet pointed more towards their head.They will then allow the momentum of the bounce and the position of their feet to pull their feet over their head, landing on their feet for the first drill. The second drill lands in table drop and the third lands in a stomach drop. This skill demonstrates the ability to show control of the momentum of a flip.

Open Bounce & Evening Sessions



Trampoline Classes

Open Bounce & Evening Sessions

Pre Bail Out, Bail Out & Custom Classes

Bitty Bouncers

Creative Bounce

Ski & Snowboard Progression

The Wall



FALL 2018

Mammoth Trampoline Club Schedule Fall 2018




Evening Summer Bounce Pass


May 1 - Oct 31, 2018
  • Progress on your skills even while the snow is gone
  • Full 6 months of daily bouncing
  • Unlimited access to all evening sessions
  • No refunds

Open Bounce


First Hour
  • Any additional hour $10
  • Includes afternoon & evening sessions
  • Group of 5 or more gets $5 off per person
  • Supervised free bounce, coaching available upon request

Evening Session


2 hours. 1 hour for $10.
  • Open bounce sessions
  • Any day after 7pm
  • Ages 7+

Bitty Bouncers


1 Hour
  • Tuesday &
    Sunday 4pm
  • Special class for young athletes ages 3 to 6
  • Age-appropriate tricks,
    games and progressions while staying safe!



30 Consecutive Days
  • Perfect for your extended stay in Mammoth
  • Unlimited access to all classes, open bounce and evening sessions
  • Be on time to attend classes


After School


  • 20% off for Snowcreek members
  • Unlimited access to all weekday open bounce sessions
  • Requires a 3-month commitment with a 35 day cancelation policy

Bronze Evening


  • 20% off for Snowcreek members
  • Unlimited access to Evening Sessions
  • Requires a 3-month commitment with a 35 day cancelation policy

Silver Progression


  • 20% off for SnowCreek Members
  • Access to all open bounce and classes
  • Requires a 3-month commitment with a 35 day cancelation policy


Coaches & Jobs

kain wilmot trampoline coach

Kain Wilmot

nick miles mammoth trampoline coach

Nick Miles

Brandon Enouf trampoline coach

Brandon Enouf

Rebecca Davison trampoline coach

Rebecca Davison

Brandon Enouf trampoline coach


Send your resume and a brief cover letter to or fill out a trampoline application at Snowcreek Athletic Club!

Special Programs

We at Mammoth Trampoline Club want to make your wildest trampoline dreams come true! Ask us about our special programming including, but not limited to:





What to do:

Email to Book

Email Rebecca Davison, the manager, at

Call us

Call the front desk at 760.934.5811


For all special programming, every trampoline participant must purchase AAU and sign waivers before bouncing. All participants must complete a Trampoline Orientation with the coach prior to bouncing. More in the 1st Time section above.

Reservations are dependent on staffing and must be booked at least 1 week in advance.



Do you want to be a sponsored athlete for Mammoth Trampoline Club for the 2018/2019 Season?
  • Active social media presence
  • Community role model
  • Encourages and mentors other while at Mammoth Trampoline Club
  • Promotes Mammoth Trampoline Club in a positive light to others in the community

Please reach out to us by email and include:

  • Why you think you’d be a good Mammoth Trampoline Club Sponsored Athlete
  • What relevant sport(s) you participate in
  • Links/Usernames to your active (and public!) social media profiles
  • Your contact info: Name, Email, Phone and if under 18-years old Parent's Name, Email, and Phone

Contact & Directions



Reach the front desk at: 760.934.8511


Email the manager at:


We’re open 3-9pm on weekdays and 11am-7pm on weekends.